The Art of Customer Service focuses on relationship building. The curriculum is customized to your needs and facilitation includes artistic and other activities to illustrate various service themes. The training is spread out to allow for practice so that knowledge, skills, and attitudes gained can be assimilated. There is follow up with management, participants and other stakeholders.

I had the privilege to work with Barbara and Team over the last year as we “signed up” to improve and refresh our culture of patient and customer service in my department and the hospital. I have worked in Family Health Teams for over 10 years, and previous to this I worked in retail pharmacy & home health management for 18 years. I know customer service, and I find a kindred spirit in her. Barbara is practical, professional and genuinely interested in providing good service regardless of the industry. As Barbara says, it is her “conviction that we can change the culture of mediocre customer service. All staff members that interact with clients will benefit, even those already delivering excellent service.” I highly recommended Barbara and her Team for opportunities around customer service training and the like. She is a team player, has a great attitude and will bring a positive, ‘can do’ work ethic to your organization. –Ken Callaghan, Executive Director, Academic Family Health Team, Women’s College Hospital Read full letter of reference (pdf)
“The Art of Customer Service training program taught me numerous skills that I still utilize on a daily basis. As a shy person I was hesitant at first about participating in the program, however I am glad I did. I am thankful that I was able to overcome my nervousness and participate in this training as I learned a lot about myself as well as various techniques that I can apply at work as well as everyday life.” –Staff member at The Cook’s Place
“We offered a pilot workshop to our clients where it was widely received as a superior product to that of what had been previously experienced city wide. Barb is a skilled, passionate and caring facilitator who, by all accounts, is a phenomenal motivator. I highly recommend Barb as a professional, and The Art of Customer Service as a product that is applicable to all employees across all sectors in any discipline.”
–Stephen Morrissey, Senior Manager, Fred Victor Employment & Training Services

The Art of Customer Service

Working with Barb was a great educational experience from the get go. She is a strong leader who naturally makes you want to work your best. Just though watching how she conducted her business I had learned a great deal from her. She is a patient and fair teacher. The Art of Customer Service helped me hone my customer service skills. From using proper wording at every sale, being aware of what your body language is telling people, to thinking outside of the box to problem solve on the spot. These lessons where taught in an open, creative way that made it very easy to remember and retain. I would highly recommend “The Art of Customer Service” for any company that deals with customers, clients, and the public. It will take your business to the next level!–Karla Dendrinos, The Art of Customer Service participant
I love how interactive the Art of Customer Service workshops were. The information was interesting and stimulated great discussions with in the group. I can’t think of anything I would change. I look forward to the opportunity to have you and your team facilitating workshops for our group. Ellen Ghidei, Fred Victor Employment & Training Services
Barb’s professionalism and enthusiasm impressed us from the beginning of the project to the end. We enjoyed working with her, sharing and learning what the program offered from The Art of Customer Service. The program has broadened views and served as a refresher to Women’s College Hospital Family Practice Health Centre unit secretaries who interact daily with patients. Some adjustments to the program were made along the way because Barb accommodated and listened to staff interests and concerns.

We appreciate The Art of Customer Service’s commitment and her business logic to improve productivity and work place proficiency and pleasure. Needless to say, she has creative talents and understands critical factors needed to engage your organization with The Art of Customer Service. Thank you for a great experience! -Onil, Project Sponsor & Winnie, Project Manager, Toronto Women’s College