Career Counselling Agencies

The Art of Customer Service provides a unique training program where the primary focus is on building relationships. The skills, knowledge and attitudes developed through this program will enhance participants’ personal as well as their professional lives.

This training program will be an asset to your agency by enhancing your offerings to your clients. Success in gaining and keeping appropriate employment can be dependent on understanding the need for and being able to deliver exceptional customer service. As our program is modular, components can be selected based on your clients’ needs.

Individuals seeking front line positions in any industry will benefit from the wide range of topics covered. Facilitation uses traditional educational methods as well as artistic and other activities to illustrate various service themes. This experiential training is best spread out to allow for practice so that knowledge, skills, and attitudes gained can be assimilated.

We have been facilitating workshops at Fred Victor Employment and Training since March of 2014. We began with a program for youth (16 to 29) and moved on to becoming a part of their Career Explorations and Career Directions in Hospitality programs. In 2015, we became part of their training of staff for the Toronto Emergency Warming and Cooling Centres.

Our workshops for their groups have been very well received and well reviewed.

“We offered a pilot workshop to our clients where it was widely received as a superior product to that of what had been previously experienced city wide. Barb is a skilled, passionate and caring facilitator who, by all accounts, is a phenomenal motivator. I highly recommend Barb as a professional, and The Art of Customer Service as a product that is applicable to all employees across all sectors in any discipline.” –Stephen Morrissey, Senior Manager, Fred Victor Employment & Training Services
Benefits to participants include:
  • increased confidence and self-esteem
  • enhanced ability to listen understand, and assist clients
  • a greater sense of value as an individual
  • acting as a team member or individually depending on the situation
  • a greater sense of pride in a job well-done
  • understanding how body language and voice impact all interactions
  • valued importance of recognizing cultural differences
  • smoother interactions with all personnel
  • improvement in physical, emotional and mental health
  • reduced anxiety in service interactions
  • ability to communicate in an engaging way, both one-to-one and one-to-many
Benefits to employer include:
  • increased sales
  • increased client satisfaction
  • happier, productive employees with a heightened sense of responsibility
  • lower staff turnover
  • improved teamwork
  • community recognition
  • reduced costs

Download the brochure (pdf).

I love how interactive the Art of Customer Service workshops were. The information was interesting and stimulated great discussions with in the group. I can’t think of anything I would change. I look forward to the opportunity to have you and your team facilitating workshops for our group. -Ellen Ghidei, Fred Victor Employment & Training Services