Medical Receptionists

The Art of Customer Service

The Art of Customer Service offers a unique program to enhance front desk patient service. We present medical receptionists with a comprehensive model of the benefits of providing exceptional service. Methods, tips, and techniques discussed enable front line staff to excel as well as make their jobs easier and more rewarding. This program is best used with those who are already committed to providing good service.

Our workshops focus on relationship building. The curriculum is customized to your needs and facilitation includes artistic and other activities to illustrate various service themes. This experiential training is spread out to allow for practice so that knowledge, skills, and attitudes gained can be assimilated. There is follow up with management, participants and other stakeholders.

Patients can arrive sick and scared. An attentive welcome will not only make things easier for the patient, but for all medical and administrative clinic personnel. In contrast, the effect of a sick, scared, and now irritated patient on staff beyond the front desk can change what might have been a rewarding encounter to a less than ideal one for all concerned.

We provided a program for medical receptionists at Women’s College Hospital’s Family Practice unit in the fall of 2015. We had participants of all full-time as well as part-time and casual staff.

Benefits to patients include:
  • feeling heard and cared for
  • smoother interactions with all personnel
  • improvement in physical, emotional and mental health
Benefits to the health care system can include:
  • satisfied patients
  • improved patient outcomes
  • happier, productive employees with a heightened sense of responsibility
  • lower staff turnover
  • improved teamwork
  • community recognition
  • reduced costs
Benefits to staff include:
  • increased job satisfaction
  • enhanced ability to listen, understand, and assist patients
  • feel like a more valued individual/employee
  • take pride in a job well-done
  • enhanced self-esteem
  • stress reducing techniques
  • the skills, knowledge and attitudes developed will enhance their personal as well as professional lives

It is our conclusion that medical receptionists trained with experiential customer service will provide a kinder, more courteous, more humane face to patients. This will result in improved patient outcomes and increased staff satisfaction and therefore reduce overall expenditures.

Download the brochure (pdf).

Barb’s professionalism and enthusiasm impressed us from the beginning of the project to the end. We enjoyed working with her, sharing and learning what the program offered from The Art of Customer Service. The program has broadened views and served as a refresher to Women’s College Hospital Family Practice Health Centre unit secretaries who interact daily with patients. Some adjustments to the program were made along the way because Barb accommodated and listened to staff interests and concerns.

We appreciate The Art of Customer Service’s commitment and her business logic to improve productivity and work place proficiency and pleasure. Needless to say, she has creative talents and understands critical factors needed to engage your organization with The Art of Customer Service. Thank you for a great experience! -Onil, Project Sponsor & Winnie, Project Manager, Toronto Women’s College