Where do you stop for your morning coffee? Does a sour face greeting you help make the most flavourful cup more or less palatable?

No matter how big or small the exchange, a good relationship is at the heart of every successful business transaction and will go a long way towards ensuring future business. Exceptional service enhances the interaction for the service provider as well as the customer as they can take pride in a job well done.

The Art of Customer Service is a unique training program where the primary focus is on building relationships. The skills, knowledge and attitudes developed through this program will enhance participants’ personal as well as professional lives.

Whether the relationship is fleeting, long-standing, or anything in-between, there are many ways to approach an interaction that can create a connection. Even a simple smile can completely change the nature of the meeting.

The Art of Customer Service

For retail staff, customer service begins before actual contact with the customer. A thorough understanding of the company, industry, and products and where to get information on them is crucial to providing exceptional service.

“The Art of Customer Service training program taught me numerous skills that I still utilize on a daily basis. As a shy person I was hesitant at first about participating in the program, however I am glad I did. I am thankful that I was able to overcome my nervousness and participate in this training as I learned a lot about myself as well as various techniques that I can apply at work as well as everyday life.” –Staff member at The Cook’s Place

Ensuring that the workplace is clean, tidy, and customer friendly is part of most sales associate’s job description. Completing this challenging part of the job with a view to how it will affect customers and therefore sales can help make it more rewarding.

The Art of Customer Service began in 2008, training the sales associates and managers at The Cook’s Place. In that year, when the economy was growing shaky and there were new competitors in the market, sales grew by 14%.

Working with Barb was a great educational experience from the get go. She is a strong leader who naturally makes you want to work your best. Just though watching how she conducted her business I had learned a great deal from her. She is a patient and fair teacher. The Art of Customer Service helped me hone my customer service skills. From using proper wording at every sale, being aware of what your body language is telling people, to thinking outside of the box to problem solve on the spot. These lessons where taught in an open, creative way that made it very easy to remember and retain. I would highly recommend “The Art of Customer Service” for any company that deals with customers, clients, and the public. It will take your business to the next level! –Karla Dendrinos, The Art of Customer Service participant